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Product & Commercial Photography

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At Ayton West Studio my mission is to provide my clients with superior and affordable product photography.

Whether you’re a small start-up, a SME or an established high turnover company, I'm only interested in making your business look its best with our product photography services.

I value my photography as much as you value your products and I strive to exceed the individual needs of my clientele by working closely with my clients to deliver superior product photos with a fast turnaround time.

1. Simply contact us through our contact page and fill out the form. Once completed we will confirm how much it will cost. This is to ensure that there is no confusion when you send the product to me.

2. Wrap all your products well to ensure they arrive safely. Please send the best quality products you have as although I will clean and prepare the product prior to shooting if they are damaged or require excessive cleaning then this may increase the cost you will have to pay.

3. On arrival I will shoot the product to the highest standard and to the style that was agreed.

4. A proof image will be posted on line for your approval and as soon as approval given payment will be required.

5. On receipt of payment a high and low (web ready) resolution image will be posted on Drop-box for you to download. This remains on Drop-box for 2 weeks before being deleated. The original images will then be archived for 2 years.

Prices for product photography can vary dramatically depending on the complexity of the item, the location and if any specific post production is required. But for guidance only please see the following prices.

Pack-shot photography on plain white background with clipping path.

6 to 10 products - £30.00 each
11 to 15 products - £25.00 each
16 to 20 products - £20.00 each
20 to 30 products - £15.00 each
30 to 40 products - £10.00 each
Over 40 products - £8.00 each

For complex shaped products and if you want the product photographed on a specific set then please contact me for a definitive quotation. If in any doubt, get in touch!

Daily rate.

For larger challenges and shoots on location then I charge a fixed rate of £45 per hour plus travel expenses. If an assistant is required then this will also be charged for as an extra. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and the most cost efficient means of undertaking your required project.