learn landscape and seascape photography
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These course will take you back to the early days of pioneering photographic techniques. We will look at Cyanotypes and Salt Printing

Salt Printing

A one-day hands-on alternative processes workshop where you will learn how to make one of the earliest forms of photograph.

You will learn about the chemicals involved and how to mix them. Then you will coat the papers in salt and then in a silver nitrate solution and then make our first test exposures under UV light (if it’s a sunny day then under sunlight). From this first test print we make a final print, wash and fix the image and then repeat the process throughout the day, perfecting our techniques as we progress.


This one day hands-on cyanotype workshop will introduce you to how to make these famous blue photographs. We will start with an overview of the process and then move on to learning how to coat paper. Mix the chemicals, expose the prints, judge exposure and wash & dry the prints.

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