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Capture amazing portraits with just one light

A portrait should not just capture the persons likeness, but also capture their personality as well. And some of the best portraits are taken, not in a fully equipped studio, but using one available light source. This light source could be your speed light but it could just as easily be the natural light that surrounds us every day.

This course will show you how to use your camera to take pictures of people using both a single speed light (flash gun) and also the best techniques in using natural light from the sun. So we will be studying this medium both indoors and out.

The day will include practical advise on how to compose your shots, making the most of available light and also techniques on the best settings to use on your camera.

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This course is designed to teach the best techniques for manipulating light for effective portraiture.

The course will cover the following.

  • Best settings for your camera
  • Composing the shot
  • Best use of natural light
  • Effective use of a Speed light
  • Environmental portraits
  • Metering for the best exposure
  • Continuous image review
  • All day course start at 10:00 prompt and finish at 16:30.

  • Meet at venue for 10:00 start. Introductions with tea and coffee
  • Course starts at 10:20
  • Lunch which is provided at 12:30
  • Course resumes at 13:20
  • Refreshments and review of the day at 15:30
  • Course finishes at 16:30
  • All refreshments and lunch is provided (Please let us know if any dietary requirements).

    Travel is to be arranged by delegates at your own expense.

    If accommodation is required we can send you details of local hotels and bed & breakfasts.

    Most of our courses will involve some aspect of outdoor work so its very important that you bring suitable clothing and footwear for the type of course you are attending. For botanical and garden photography sturdy shoes and waterproofs area must when the landscape courses may involve ascending high Welsh peaks so walking boots and quality hiking gear will be mandatory. Don’t hesitate to contact me for any advise about this.

    The following photography gear is recommended

  • Digital SLR Camera
  • Bridge camera
  • Mirror-less camera capable of shooting in manual, shutter priority, aperture priority modes
  • Speed light (Flashgun) that can be used off camera
  • Tripod
  • If you have one a remote shutter release cable/control
  • Ideally a laptop with suitable image editing software such as Photoshop
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